"crazy weather lately" : a abrupt storm forces us two together for the night


Drover wasn’t really surprised by sudden bouts of pouring rain, so he was more than okay with getting drenched as the two walked through lower New York City, Pepper showing him the sights on a much needed day off. Even if it wasn’t his home, it was still somewhat interesting, and some of the food here was he best he had ever had! A Bacon & Cheese Hamburger was probably the best and the worst thing to ever cross his lips, but he loved them.

The weather had been cooler than Drover was used to, cold enough to see your breath and freeze water. The sight of a frozen lake baffled him, and he had never even heard of ‘snow’ until that morning when Pepper had turned on the weather channel.

Still, he thought the clouds above were getting ready to pour down rain, so he took his time with Pepper, enjoying where they were and enjoying the sight. At least until the clouds finally gave in. Snow came down in flurries, turning the air white with fast falling particles of frozen water and in great numbers. Holding out his hand, he caught a handful of it, feeling it, marveled by it before Pepper gripped him hard on the arm and pulled both of them into a nearby Hotel.

It was packed with the others that were taking shelter from the sudden blizzard. She knew better than to just accept what the weather man knew, but her guard had slipped with Drover. At least he was there with her, and maybe the snow would let up enough and people could leave… After two hours in the lobby of Drover balling up pieces of ripped up paper and tossing them into the crown and then turning to ‘talk’ to Pepper when people came looking for the culprit, the storm wasn’t showing signs of letting up.

So, Pepper, gave the man’s leg a small pat before getting to her feet and crossing to the counter, elbowing her way to the front. “We’re going to need the two rooms suite.”

“Oh.. we don’t have any suites open…”

“Excuse me? I’m sorry; I’m Pepper Potts, CEO of Stark Industries, and I need a Suite.”

“Ma’am, we cannot offer you a suite. They are all in use at the moment. We do have a few rooms with two queen beds open.”


“We’ll take a room with one bed.” Drover cut in, placing a hand between the woman and the counter and lowering his voice. “The other people will need the two beds. You don’t mind sharing, do you?” He winked as Pepper handed over the card and he was handed the key.

Exasperated didn’t even begin to cover it as Drover started to look for the stairs, only to have his arm caught and pulled towards the elevators. Even after having used them before, he was still one that liked using the stairs… At least he could see where he was going and the room wasn’t so… small. They had a small room, one bed facing toward the window with a TV in the corner of the room and a bathroom to the left of the main door. Once inside, Drover offered to help Pepper out of her jacket, slowly slipping it off of her shoulders, his hand lingering on her skin for a while long before he turned away to hand up the coat… That should be prove to be interesting…